Park Model Log Cabin For Sale only $52,000

My friends and I love to go camping by the lake. It is one of our favorite past times, and we enjoy getting away from it all as often as we can. There is something about seeing the night sky, away from all the lights and noise, seeing how expansive it is, and all the stars. When the weather is cloudy, instead of tents, we always try to see if we can rent a cabin for our stay. It was cozy and warm, with a few modern comforts of home, making the trip even more relaxing and our loads lighter as we don't have to trek with all of our camping gear. My boyfriend was always saying he wants to go "ice-fishing" and camp in the snow. We had tried to build a partial igloo with a tent in the snow a couple years prior, but it was too cold and uncomfortable for me to want to do it again. That is until he told me he was thinking of buying a Park Model Log Cabin For Sale only $52,000!

I was amazed at the price and the reality that we could own our very own little haven, away from the hustle of the city, and have our own escape in nature. I looked at the options and as it was so affordable we could basically purchase it and use it in a matter of weeks! As we were both excited, we contacted a couple friends to come, as we could all use a cabin retreat and some time by the lake. This winter will be so nice and cozy, snowshoeing and ice fishing, with a warm cozy fire and a big nice bed to sleep in if it is too cold outside, and we have the best of both worlds! I am so excited to show our friends and family the investments we are making to benefit everyone with some rest and relaxation. We are going to get some supplies to bring up to the cabin and by next spring we plan to go "off-grid" by using solar panels exclusively for our power and being more environmentally friendly with all of our choices. maybe I can even grow a garden up there too, with some plants and veggies to add to our meals. Just thinking about our plans for this cabin makes me excited to go there again, and I can't wait for our next stay in our little oasis park model cabin! If you want to see pictures and think about how you can own your own cabin, check out Tiny House Blog for some ideas!

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