Rustic Winder Cabin Built Off-grid for Less Than $2000

How often do you see a rustic old log cabin on a book cover or greeting card? There is such a magical appeal to the little log cabin, nestled in the woods, snow gently falling, pristine white, silent and alluring. Inside a wood fire burns, the smell of fresh bread baking, things that we read about in story books of old time pioneers that settled this great country of ours. Occasionally you will find one of these old treasures that someone wants removed from their property.

Today, plans to build a dream house take hundreds of hours to make, expensive engineering, countless sheets of drafts, and careful detailing in order to meet the requirements of building codes as well as the engineering criteria depending upon region which you belong. Cabins can be build anywhere, on river, near the lakes, or just simply sitting on a hill with a scenic view of mountains. Isn't it lovely and romantic? Whether you are looking for an intimate romantic getaway, a quiet time to meet all your thoughts, and a unique and memorable moment with family, colleagues and friends; a Rustic Winder Cabin can cater all your needs.

As a log cabin is constructed with a building block type of construction, these little places can be disassembled and moved. Another method would be to get a access to old timbers that are already aged and some "how to" instructions to build your own little cabin. Doors and windows and sideboards would also need to be scrounged from second hand stores or perhaps would be found from old homesteads. This method of building although rich in the time department could possibly allow you to build your little off the grid cabin very inexpensively. You may visit numerous websites to get some idea and be fascinated to plan your own Rustic Winder Cabin. Good luck!

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