10 Clever Tricks and Shortcuts for the Home

There’s always an easier way to do things, and here’s 40 possible hacks you can consider to make your lives at home more convenient than ever.

1.Your staple remover can spare your fingernails as you add keys to a holder.

2.The Pringles container can keep your pasta safe and dry until you cook them.

3.The CD towers can be used as bagel holders. Don’t think about discarding them.

4.A glazed ceramic bowl can be used to augment the sound from your ipod.

5.Consider sliding your bangles on a paper towel holder.

6.You can wash the sponges in your dish washer; it would rejuvenate them back to their work.

7.Use a Lazy Susan and rotate while you do the work on a cake’s frosting.

8.Put a rubber band on a paint can in a vertical position and use this to catch drips.

9.Use cupcake liners to grab hold of those Popsicle drips. Only 5 year-olds eat can be forgiven for eating so messy.

10.A tennis racket can hold your earrings very nicely. If you don’t play the game, use it this way.

11.Stack your beauty gadgets in over-the-door shoe organizer. You surely would know where to find them when you need them.

12.A can opener will do its own charm when cutting plastic seals. Way better than scissors or knives.

13.Balloons can be improvised as icepacks. Pour the water and freeze them.

14.Attach adhesive hooks on your dresser for accessories.

15.A magnetic strip will be handy to keep those tweezers in place.

16.Chop herbs faster by putting them on a shot glass and running a scissor through.

17.Apply some beeswax to your canvas shoes and you’ll get them waterproof.

18.The best way to catch small strawberries is through a straw.

19.Egg cartons could be an organizer for random stuff.

20.Shower caps can be shoe bags when you travel.

21.Use embroidery floss for a tangle-free experience with your cords.

22.Sprinkle non-stick baking spray on glasses before putting the candles inside.

23.A hair straightener can smoothen your collar.

24.Dip your phone in a rice bucket to absorb moist.

25.Shower curtain rings can hold almost anything.

26.Put some eye shadow on petroleum jelly for instant lip gloss.

27.Ziploc bags can be used as piping bags for cake decoration.

28.Use eye drops to liquefy your dried up mascara.

29.A comb can hold nails while you hammer. No need to worry about accidentally killing your fingers.

30.Keep all the sheets inside one pillow.

31.The ice cream scoop will work on a watermelon.

32.Knot the hose loosely while the water flows and it will keep still.

33.Binder clips can sort out your accessories.

34.Paper towel holders can keep the duct tapes in place. Or any kind of tape that fits.

35.The frozen food bag can be sealed using the piece you have cut.

36.A dental floss can be used as a pattern when slicing cakes.

37.Spaghetti can be used like a match stick for candles

38.Solo cups can magnify laptop speaker sounds. Cut them in two and place them on the speakers like a roof.

39.Label your water jug to know how much you’ve been drinking. Serves as a good reminder too.

40.Freeze a wet sponge and put it on a Ziploc for an instant icepack. The closer you get to summer, the more you’ll need this hack!

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