11 Gorgeous Garden Arbors Made From Old Doors

Depending where you live, your second hand and thrift stores may sell old wooden doors for just a few dollars a piece. Here is a really fantastic idea on turning these old wooden doors into handy decorative garden arbours. Your garden can be your place of creativity. In gardening books you often see feature pieces scattered in the garden. From small garden ornaments, to colourful planting devices to gazebos and arbour's. Among the plants, flowers, and trees it is always really interesting to come across these decorative pieces.

People love to spend time in their gardens and arbours are super popular to use for trailing plants, climbing roses and grape vines. These gorgeous garden arbours made from old wooden doors need to be finished properly and treated to protect them from the elements. Its okay if the two doors vary in heights and their finishes as long as they have the same width.

Garden arches are a simple addition to any garden and can allocate a space and create an "entrance gate". To do these, you need the following materials. Jot it down right away.

Materials needed:

- four 12" pieces of rebar

- 2 solid wood doors

- wood glue

- strip of pressure-treated 1' x 3' x 6' pine or cedar lumber

- finishing nails

- three 2' x 6' x 8' planks of pressure-treated pine or cedar

- circular saw and hand saw

- 2 1/2" outdoor wood screws

- 1/2" and 1/8" drill bit

- pressure-treated crown moulding

- hammer or nail gun

- paint brush and paint pan

- primer

- exterior latex paint

- paint roller handle and sleeve

- damp cloth or any sponge

- notepad and measuring tape

Aside from that, there are still numerous ideas that you can do besides garden arbours from old doors. You may try making a bookshelves, add a mirror to a salvaged door, a coffee table made from an old door and a lot more. Search via internet and you'll see! Good luck.

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