12 Of The Tiny Homes That Prove Small Is Beautiful

Tiny homes just make so much sense. They’re eco-friendly, cheaper to build, and so much easier to keep clean! Not only that, but they can be so elegant in their simplicity. Thinking of going small? Here are just 12 Of The Tiny Homes That Prove Small Is Beautiful.

First off, let’s consider “The Cube”. This tiny home was built with sustainable materials, has minimal environmental impact, and comes complete with a composting toilet. It even uses low-powered electronics so won’t eat up a lot of energy. The perfect size for two, it has lots of storage space and sitting room; it even includes a full kitchen and bathroom as well as a washing machine!

Next, we’ll visit the “Relax Shack”! This cute little shed is full of windows, light, and character. It’s the ideal spot for a brief escape or a long-term hideaway, providing you truly enjoy tiny living. What about a meditation room or an artist’s studio? This would be the perfect spot! Right now, a university professor is using it as a place to study. We couldn’t think of a better use for it!

Want a little more room? Well then let’s move on to the McGlasson weeHouse in the forest, where we’ll find a large kitchen with all the trimmings, gigantic windows giving the illusion of more space, and decks abounding – there’s a back one as well as one on the roof!

And let’s not forget “The Wedge” – this adorable tiny cabin is all windows, letting the outside come in! This little baby is built on wheels so it can go anywhere you like. Bored of the forest? Let’s move on to the beach! The Wedge can go anywhere, any time.

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