15 DIY Low Budget Garden Ideas For The Perfect Backyard

We all want what’s best for our garden. These 15 DIY garden ideas for the perfect backyard will make your garden look even more heavenly! And you know what’s more heavenly? These are budget-friendly garden ideas, people! If you got extra stuff at home which you think are ‘useless’, bring all that stuff to your garden and let those things show you their hidden beauty. *winks* Well, instead of throwing them away, you can make other uses, right? So guys, here are five of the fifteen low budget garden ideas for the perfect backyard.

Wine bottle planters. You'll never know that these empty bottles will be holders of life in your garden. Just cut the glass, put some soil and rockery plants for this project.

Do you stock old paint cans at home? Plant flowers in old paint cans! Just follow the normal ways of planting flowers and display them in your garden.

On the top of what gets ‘throw-away’ alot is plastic soda bottles. Imagine how a single plastic soda bottle can give a whole new look to your garden. *silence* Oh yes, you are thinking about buying a lot of soda right now. It’s not going to be so budget-friendly anymore if you are thinking about doing it. *big smile*

If you have a store of old spoons in your kitchen, it’s time to let them out of your house and put them in the garden. You can make this DIY spoon planter hooks! Believe me guys, you’ll love this one!

Lastly, we have DIY mini pond from an old tire. Again, from an old tire. Who would ever think that an old tire could provide shelter to your pond plants and fishes? Good guy old tires! *winks and claps*

Those are real budget friendly. What’s even more awesome about these 15 DIYs is that it encourages us to recycle. We all know that recycling is also a great way to help save our threatened Mother Nature. Guys, lessen world’s trash by recycling these materials. Help save Mother Earth… and a lot of money! *winks* Anyhow, make the most of these 15 DIY garden ideas by clicking the link below! Have fun!

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