15 Fabulous Living Willow Project Ideas

Willow is one of the nature's colourful and versatile building materials. It is one of the easiest and fun to create. You can make your garden rooms more instantly than other traditional hedges. The willow tree has proven to be a wonderful medium for weaving.The tree has an abundance of sap which makes it pliant and tough. It has slender branches which can provide long workable pieces for willow woven projects. Humans have been creating willow baskets, fences, furniture and daub house walls for years. Very popular are willow living sculptures.

When would be the best time to create a living willow structure? The best time of creating is winter to early spring as it is considered as harvest time of the year. What are the benefits of creating a willow? Creating willow doesn't cost you that much. It can be vastly satisfying, but also provide a valuable educational opportunities. Looking to the other side of its benefits based on an environmental perspective, it helps absorb carbon fro the atmosphere. Aside from that it provides habitat for wildlife and enriches the soil every year.

Choosing a site is actually one of the necessary step that you'll consider. Choose a part of your garden wherein it naturally moist and sunny. Remove grass away from the base of the structure before planning to plant through a weed control membrane in order to terminate the burden of weeding. Water the site thoroughly in dry spells.

Tunnels and domes can be formed with willow rods that are planted and woven to shapes. Willow stems can be used for making garden feature and obelisks. Instruction can be found both on line and some classes are offered by talented individuals such as the ones responsible for the photo featured.The sculptures created by Mark and Rebecca Ford are beautiful!

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