15 of the World’s Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives and isn't it wonderful to know that you don't need a magic wand or a dragons egg to achieve the feelings of awe and bewilderment? All you need here is a little time to stand still and have your jaw collecting dust on the floor.

You'll feel like a fairy traipsing through these landscapes of wonder. Some of these tunnels have names such as the tunnels of love, which according to local lore will do just that. Wandering through this tunnel dating as far back as to the 15th century will bring you love and happiness. Meanwhile, over in Japan you have a breathtaking array of dripping purple flowers falling overhead. Could you imagine that? Imagine going for a stroll with your significant other underneath the warmth of the late afternoon sun streaming in. While, all around you, amethyst colored flowers swirl in the slight breeze. As far fetched as that all might sound, I could definitely see it happening. Stranger things have occurred.

If you think about it, how have these places not been scouted up to their eyeballs with film crews swarming in to get that money shot for their film? These majestic spots in the world look like the winners of a best scenic award (is that a real thing?). So far, only a couple are pretty recognizable from a few blockbuster movies that you may know.

One in Louisiana, featured with sweeping trees leading to a dreamy old plantation-style mansion, have been portrayed in quite a few settings for some hollywood films. How could it not though? With it's sweet southern charm (not that these movies really make you think of happiness and rainbows, but a girl can dream).

Well, if you don't want a life full of happiness and wonderment of the gorgeousness of the world around you then...I'm not sure what to tell you. The world is a truly spectacular place.

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