16 Genius Kitchen Tips You Probably Didnt Know About

With the busy schedules that we all have , this list is worth reading to help you save time in the kitchen.

1. Pre chop your vegetables and store in an airtight container for easy access through out the week. This will also help you to snack healthier.

2. Always cook enough for leftovers.

3. When food is on sale, buy enough to stock your pantry so that you can easily throw together a meal when you are in rush.

4. Homemade Orange Cleaner: Place the peel of an orange into a large canning jar. Fill with white vinegar and let sit for 10 days before using. When ready to use, discard the peel and put the liquid into a spray bottle. The vinegar and orange make a great disinfectant and degreaser.

5. Freeze some green and red grapes and keep wine chilled in the summer without having to add ice and watering it down.

6. Keep pancake batter in a empty ketchup container so you can easily squeeze it into your pan to create the perfect round pancake without a mess. Just make sure there are no lumps in your batter before you pour it into the ketchup bottle.

7. Keep stalky greens fresh (like asparagus and fresh herbs), by instead of putting them in the fridge where they will get soggy and brown, put them into a canning jar with fresh water on your counter. It will also look appealing and remind you to cook with them. Replace the water every couple of days.

8. Cut multiple round tortillas to make chips by stacking them up high and slicing them like a pizza. Bake in oven to crisp them up.

9. Set the clove of garlic on your counter with the tip of the shoot facing up. Strike the heel of your hand against the top of the bulb, and the cloves should separate easily.

10. When preparing meals like burgers, shape them the night before or morning for dinner, so theyre all ready to go and its simply a matter of cooking them at mealtime.

11. Clean as you go have soapy water in the sink and clean dishes/utensils as you use them so its not a huge clean up job at the end. Also clean work surfaces as you go.

12. Drape a paper towel of lettuce and cover it with airtight plastic wrap or a lid to absorb moisture.

13. Use unscented dental floss to cut through soft food like soft cheeses or cakes.

14. How to Zest a Lemon: You can use a paring knife, a zester, a microplane or grater. Each tool gives a different result. Paring knives are great for candied lemon or orange peels. Graters or microplanes work for getting zest into baked goods, salad dressing or other cooking that requires tiny bits of zest. A zester is good for a decorative zest. Buy organic if possible for zesting as the wax on some grocery store fruits can taste funny. If you cannot get organic be sure to wash the fruit really well in a bit of water with vinegar.

15. Line baking pans with parchment paper when making cookies. It can be used again, it can be washed too!

16. Roll your lemons or lime before juicing for the maximum amount of juice.

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