16 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

A silicone or plastic ice cube trays will only cost for about a dollar or three. Ice cube trays can be used to freeze far more things than just water and the small size of the cube tray makes it a perfect item for lots of freezing ideas. There are actually a lot of things that you can do with those trays and plenty of those are nothing to do with food. From food storage, cool storage ideas, down to jewellery organization; there are still numerous ways that those ice cube trays will come in handy.

Many people have gardens filled with fresh herbs and one way to preserve some of these savoury bites is to chop them up fine, stir the herbs into olive oil then pour them into the ice cube tray. Once frozen you can transfer the cubes into Ziploc freezer bags, ready to season your soups and sauces. You can use them to make chocolate strawberries, chocolate or vanilla milk cubes, coffee cubes and buttermilk. How about peanut butter cups? yummy! Want to avoid temptation of large dessert portions? Make your desserts ice cube size.

Another super idea is when you make pesto, do them ice cube size as often; you only need a small amount for that pasta dish. Soup stock is also a great thing to make some small cubes for those times you only need a small amount for flavouring. Jello martini shots aren't for everyone but if you are going to make them anyways, ice cube size is fun. Cookie dough is another perfect thing if you want to help with portion size. Check out this 16 genius ways that you can originally use for your ice cube trays aside from just making ice. Read on to get some details on all these great ideas.

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