17 People That Look Exactly Like These Cartoon Characters. Comic Book Guy Looks Great!

When you are in need of a good laugh, look no further than your computer and the world wide web for posts that are sure to make you giggle and lighten your mood. This is an awesome post of 17 People That Look Exactly Like These Cartoon Characters. Comic Book Guy Looks Great! He looks exactly like the guy from the comic book store in the Simpsons! The resemblances for all of these people to the cartoon characters is uncanny! Its almost like the characters were based off of these people, that's how much they look like the cartoon versions! You have to see it to believe it!

The one in the photo with this post, with the grandpa from 'Up' the animated movie, the man in the photo holding the case for the DVD looks shockingly similar to the character in the movie! It really makes you do a double take of him and the character and wonder, how did that happen? There are so many great ones in here, like the one of a guy in real life who actually has the name, Peter Griffin, and actually looks so much like the cartoon character Peter Griffin from the Family Guy series.

The other one I laughed out loud at was the Dr. Phil and the puppet from Sesame Street, they just look so hilariously alike! It's weird how much the old man looks like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, its actually kind of creepy how similar they look... I guess if every real person has a doppelganger, which is someone who looks just like them, I guess people and cartoons can have doppelgangers too! This awesome slide show is proof of it! If you need a seriously good laugh, than make sure you see these photos, and share it with your friends too! Head over to 'Qwily' by clicking on the link in the description below from more!

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