20 great Herb Garden Ideas

Having a Herb Garden is so easy! Access to these fresh herbs for the home cook is healthier, cheaper and a lot more fun. Imagine always have a stock of herbs for your cooking and not having to run to the market every time you need some. The trouble with buying herbs that are already cut is that if you buy large amounts and place them in your fridge or pantry, they go bad after a few days. Unless you do a lot of cooking and use large quantities of herbs, you end up throwing out a portion of them.

In season, it is best that you grow them yourself. It does not require much space. You can do in a small garden or balcony planter. There is nothing nicer than picking a little handful of fresh herbs as you need them. The nutrients and flavors are higher. Here are some herb garden ideas for you. Hope you will be inspired to have your own as soon as possible.

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden- all you need is some of your used mason jars and you could have cilantro or oregano planted in there. You could have them all hanging on a wall or placed in an area where the sun is present and see your herbs grow quickly.

2. Spiral Herb Garden- this is ideal if you have a space in your garden to set this up. You will need some bricks to build it and some healthy soil for your plants as you form and arrange them in a spiral position.

3. Hanging Herb Garden- You can use plastic soda bottles. Cut it into two and use the part where you find the hole for the water to be drained when you water your plants. This style could be applied to herbs like cilantro, oregano, basil and even mint.

The benefits of having your own herb garden are more than just for your cooking needs; it is also for your health remedies. Check out more of these on the website Goods Home Design below.

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