3 Counterintuitive Things You Can Do To Make Women Want You More

There are certain phases of relationships, in fact; that cannot be explained in a single word. Sometimes there is just this spark and the unutterable chemistry that has you feeling love drunk. However, even if there is chemistry, a relationship can still go burning down in a blaze. Some things women do will interrupt a relationship, and other things will make it continue. Let me give you three very counterintuitive ways to converse with women and explain why is it vital when building up a relationship.

Firstly, do not give her the compliments she thinks she deserves or is used to. The next time you are hooked up with someone please avoid saying anything that could reckon as flattering. So what are those simple compliments? Compliments like: You are so gorgeous, I love your lips, You are hot and the like. Just keep focusing on building a rapport with her and fight the urge complimenting her. Remember, girls tend to get uneasy if you guys keep on complimenting.

Secondly, introduce her to your friends as though you are not interested in her. Men nowadays are very eager to jump up in their territory if they have found a hot girl by simply making those obvious moves to let the girl be aware that he likes her. Gestures like, asking her for a drink, asking her to the dance floor, or the very usual and trendy style of today is saying cheesy pickup lines. Remember, not all cheesy pickup lines attract women.

Lastly, dont say anything during awkward silences. One of the biggest turn on points that a guy could do to a girl in order to improve her attraction is keeping your mouth shut during an awkward silence. The moment you will talk leads to boredom and a lack of bond with her. So the next time you are in a scenario like this; just simply stay calm and bring out your killer smile while looking straight into her eyes. Just simply be calm and confident when that moment comes.

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