30 DIY Furniture Projects Out Of Pallets

I absolutely adore do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. I’m pretty creative and a little bit handy, and I’m always willing to try an interesting DIY project (as long as there are good instructions and pictures!). One thing I never would have considered is turning wood pallets into furniture, but this article on Our Daily Ideas, a “daily dose of inspiration” blog, titled 30 DIY Furniture Projects Out of Pallets really got me thinking and excited to try some for myself.

Log furniture is so bespoke and rustic. I particularly love log furniture with a modern twist and these wood pallet projects are definitely contemporary classics, from the Adirondack chair to the pallet bench. Don’t get me wrong – all of these projects are great ideas for re-using pallets (waste not, want not!), but some of them are just too cool.

A pallet, for anyone who may not know, is flat structure used in the transport of goods. It offers support in a stable fashion which allows movement via forklift, pallet jack or other jacking device. Essentially it is a structural foundation which allow handling and storing unit loads in an efficient manner. In this case, we’re discussing the basic wooden pallet, made from a number of wooden slats. You’ve probably seen them piled high beside your local home building store looking junky. Well, these 30 DIY furniture projects out of pallets turns these wooden pieces of “junk” into absolute treasures! In North America ISO sets out regulations for the size of pallets, and they are 40 inches by 48 inches. The best part is that they are all the same size, so there is less measuring, cutting and guesswork than building small indoor and outdoor log furniture projects from scratch. The benefits are many, and I must include the fact that they’re a cheaper source for building materials (often times you can get a few at a time for little-or-next-to-nothing) and you are re-using items, meaning you’re recycling and being extremely eco-friendly. Save some money and save some trees – it’s win-win in my books.

So… how about sleeping in a pallet bed? Or what about hanging your hand towels onto a pallet bathroom shelf? Another great idea is a coatrack made of pallets, as well as a side table, a coffee table and even a dog bed. Did you know you can even make really simple outdoor fencing made almost entirely of wooden pallets? If you have “little ones”, you can also make a play house and a play kitchen out of recycled pallets. Entryway tables and shoe racks, a swing, a walkway… virtually anything can be made out of pallets. They’re easy to paint and stain to match with the rest of your home décor or you can really make them stand out with big, bold colours.

Seeing these 30 DIY furniture projects out of pallets, my creative juices are flowing and I have even more ideas for pallet log furniture. Check out the 30 ideas and see which one you want to tackle… first!

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