4 Ingredient Chicken

There are so many different ways you can season chicken, and so many ways to cook it with different sauces, and in different recipes. When you just want a plain old simple chicken dish, try out this 4 Ingredient Chicken! Sometimes simpler is better, and that is the case with this chicken for sure. This is a super simple, nice and saucy, sweet and tangy recipe for your chicken that will take no time and barely any ingredients. Like the saying goes 'Less is More' and in this case, that is the truth with this chicken dish. It's also a great one to be able to prepare early in the morning, before work, and then you can just put it in the oven when you are wanting to eat dinner, and it will be ready in no time! Plus, the longer it sits in it's sauce, the better it will be marinated, and the chicken will taste so great once all of the flavours have really sunk into the meat. Chicken is also a great form of protein as well. One breast has a good percentage of the daily needed amount for daily protein consumption. Protein is a necessary nutrient that our bodies need to build muscle and to keep our energy levels sustained throughout the day.

All this recipe calls for, are several chicken thighs, with the bone in and skin still on, they say 8 chicken thighs for this recipe and even if that seems like it might be a lot, leftovers are always good if you know you won't eat that many for dinner. Then, for the sauce you use a package of french onion soup mix, the dry powdered kind, mixed with Russian salad dressing and some nice apricot jam. See super easy right?! These ingredients would make for a great, tangy and sweet sauce that would be so awesome on chicken, and makes for a nice sauce to be served over rice for dinner. This chicken recipe would totally go well with rice or quinoa, and a nice green vegetable like asparagus, or steamed broccoli, nothing with too much robust flavour, as the chicken already has this really strong flavour to it. Even just a nice, fresh green salad would be excellent with this chicken dish.

This chicken would be perfect to make on a night when you just don't feel like doing a ton of work in the kitchen. Even if you had to pick up some of the ingredients from the store, you only need 3 other items besides the chicken, so it's really not that much of an effort either! You will most certainly want to make it again because it is so simple. You could also make it for a dinner party, as people would love the flavour, and would be pretty impressed with the nice chicken you made for them, not knowing that it didn't take too much of your effort! It can be our little secret! Make sure that you save the recipe, or pin it on a Pintrest board so that you have it for future use! Head over to 'Syrup and Biscuits' by following the link in the section below for more!

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