40 Creative LOW-BUDGET DIY Garden Pots

As a garden owner, it’s a must that you organize your plants. One of the solutions is to have pots that you can acquire through recycling. Why buy new ones when you can recreate or reuse some old materials in your house anyway? Here are some of our favorite ideas in creating low-budget-DYI garden pots.

1.Old Funnels: If you have these in your home and you are no longer using them, don’t throw them away just yet. Repurpose them instead to hold your outdoor trailing plants. The hole on this bottom part serves as a good way for the water to come out whenever you water your plants.

2.Old Bed frames: You can use your old bed to create a garden bed. This will help the plants on that area organized and not just be all over the place as they grow. This is ideal for a vegetable garden raised bed because this will make it look neater.

3.Damaged and Discarded Items: We are talking about suitcases, cans and other canisters that are no longer serving you. Instead of throwing them away, use them as your new plant holder.

4.Rim: An old rim from your car wheels could also be a good garden pot of plant holder. One of the best things about it is that you could paint it over and be artistic enough to repurpose it.

5.Old Shoes: You are reading this right, and we are talking about old heels and boots being used as garden pots! They will not just be useful as plant holders, but they will surely give character to your garden’s image.

6.Old Dressers: Just a little painting job will do and you can get your old dressers back to working again, but only as a plant holder this time.

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