5 Bedroom Breathtaking Buena Vista Log Home for $122,715.

Log homes are always going to be a practical and economical type of housing and you can get a 5 Bedroom Breathtaking Buena Vista Log Home for $122,715. This is the way to go if you want to have a home that is not only stunning in its appearance and aesthetics, but also if you want to stay conscious about the environment and the Earth. There are so many places now that you can order pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, eLog Homes makes it easy and as affordable as possible and doesn't spare anything when it comes to quality materials and service.

This particular cabin, the Buena Vista, has plans that you can buy so that you have all the proper blueprints to give to contractors and for permits from your city or area. The plans themselves start at $299 and you can then print them off as a PDF so that you have them for yourself as smaller copies as you need to. This helps to keep you involved and aware of your home building project and more up to speed on the process of building. The Buena Vista is a gorgeous home from eLog Homes, and is 1077 square feet in the upper level and 2513 square feet on the lower level. The deck is a large area at 588 square feet and the entire square footage is 3590 square feet.

This makes for one beautiful, large cabin. The cabin is called Buena Vista, which in spanish means Good View, which this cabin would certainly have pretty much anywhere you were to place it, but especially if it were on a hill or mountain side. The breathtaking views could be seen from the amazingly large deck and the floor to ceiling windows. Especially the centre window which is peaked and has a very tall ceiling so they can fit 10 windows total in the whole area, from floor to ceiling. This is so nice since it lets so much light in, to help reduce heating costs especially if you face them to the south where you get the most sunlight all day.

Log homes are a timeless classic because of how amazing the logs are for making homes. Logs have their own insulation properties and can really help to repel moisture and keep out the cold in the winter months. They stand for decades if they are properly taken care of and they never need to be repainted with paint that has harsh chemicals that aren't good for us or the environment. Head over to eLog Homes by following the link in the description below for more on this beautiful log home and others.

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