5 Ways to Fix Oversalted Food

We are all guilty of accidentally throwing in a bit too much salt into our recipes every once in a while. But here is a great post from Real Simple of 5 Ways to Fix Oversalted Food. Salt has been used throughout history and was once seen as very valuable. People have used it to season and preserve their meats and vegetables for centuries. You see people using a salt brine to can vegetables, you can also see meat being cured with salt as well to extent its shelf life. And of course, people use salt in baking to give bread and pastries that extra little flavour to bring out the sweetness. But in more recent years, we have been told time and time again salt is very bad for our overall health and wellness. So what gives? Generally, when we talk about table salt, this is iodized salt that has had pretty much all of its natural healthy minerals stripped off of it in processing. This salt is what you want to be aware of to not consume too much of. Also, super high amounts of this salt or sodium are added to canned and boxed foods as a way of preserving them. You can see just how much sodium is in a serving of canned food by looking on the label. Sometimes the amounts are higher than even the guided daily intake number for a human being.

So what do we use instead of refined table salt? You can use sea salt, which is all natural, from the ocean, complete with all of its nutrients that you need. There are so many different types of sea salt from all around the world. For example there is Celtic sea salt which is fairly popular, and there is Baltic sea salt which you hear of too. The other kind of salt is the really amazing Himalayan Pink sea salt which is brought up from the Earth and has been around for millions of years. This pink sea salt contains so many trace minerals and nutrients that are hard to find in natural foods, so adding a little bit of this kind of salt to your meals can provide excellent health benefits. I always tend to use Himalayan sea salt over any other kind of salt, and it is pretty easy to find at any grocery store or to be purchased online.

Sometimes it can be easy to get a big dump of salt that comes out of the container you have it in. It seems to be stuck and then all at once the salt releases and comes pouring out with gusto all over your perfectly seasoned meat or into a dish that you only wanted a sprinkle or two in. Or, you just keep seasoning and seasoning and that last time that you sprinkled the salt, it took it just over the edge of being way too salty. You might panic and not know what to do, but good thing the people at Real Simple are here to save the day! You have professional chefs giving you their advice on what to do when you accidentally get too much salt in a dish, what a treat is that!? Usually the thought is to add more of the ingredients, but sometimes this is not always possible. So you can add in some white beans to soak up some of the salt, and the nice thing about the white beans is that they won't change the flavour of the dish too much. Another great tip they give is to add some white plain tasting cheese like mozzarella which will also soak up some of the saltiness and balance the dish out well. So not to fear, your recipe hasn't been ruined, you have just opened up opportunity for improvisation! Check out the rest of the tips and try them out if this every happens to you again.

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