6 Beautiful Natural Built Homes

People are beginning to go back to how homes were traditionally made, not just for financial reasons, but also because of the timeless beauty and the strength and durability of these natural homes and how long they last. Here are 6 Beautiful Natural Built Homes for you to see just how amazing building with materials that come right from the Earth can really be. Humans have been building this way since long ago when people started to build homes for shelter from the elements and predators. They usually sought out whatever materials were around the area they lived in and used things that came from the Earth.

There are several different ways to build with natural materials and one of them in this article is Adobe building, which is essentially building with packed Earth, dirt, mud, clay and straw to make up the walls of the building. This works really well, and gives nice strong and stable walls that can stand for a very long time. Many people down in the hotter desert areas build these types of buildings, they are not only sturdy, but stay nice and cool during they hot day time hours. The Earth has a natural cooling system which would be great o have in a home.

The other type of housing that you still see standing after years or even centuries of standing, are stone or rock built houses. People in Europe built these houses a lot, because of the abundance of rock, they made the perfect accessible building material. They are also super sturdy and durable and you still see they kind of homes that are 100 years old if not older, still being used. The other kind they mention is Cordwood housing, or stack wall housing which is made by stacking short logs in a pattern. To see the photos and read more, head on over to 'Off Grid World' by clicking the link in the section below!

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