7 Backyard Fountains You Can Make Yourself

Water has the ability to create a calming atmosphere. The ambiance in your backyard could go instantly serene when you add a fountain to it. Dont be surprised if your friends all of a sudden choose your spot as their main hang out place after you install a water fountain in your area. Others would hire a landscaper to pull this off, but the good news is you can save a lot of money by doing this all by yourself. Dont be intimidated to work on this project, thinking you need to be a professional to make this happen. Here are some of the seven backyard fountains that you can make yourself and may these serve as an inspiration for you to go with it.

1. Tea Pot Fountain- all you need is a teapot made of iron and an old barrel of whiskey for this DIY project in your garden. You dont have to spend much on this one since most of the materials that you will need are recycled.

2. Water Garden- supposed you dont have a huge backyard; a small water garden made from a waterproof box should suffice. Fill it up with some soil and pea gravel before adding the water plants. This will make your backyard or even your balcony look good.

3. Rock Fountain- this one could take a few days to get it done, but the finished product is without a doubt worth all the effort and energy you have put into it. It will create a Zen ambiance in your garden if you ever go for this design.

4. Recirculating Ceramic Pot Fountain- the babbling sound of the water coming from this fountain will make you feel relaxed.

There are still more DIY water fountains that might fit your current porch or garden. Check out the website Country Living below.

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