7 Delightful Mini-Indoor Garden Ideas to Liven Up Your Living Space

Having your own garden at home will certainly give extra beauty in the outside appearance of your house. This is because of the fresh green colors of plants and the very colorful flowers that beautifully bloom. But the big question now is, would it still be the case when winter season comes? It is not, for sure. Because of this, having a mini garden inside your house is a great idea. Here is how you can have your own mini-indoor garden that can definitely add some positive atmosphere in your own home.

1. Get a Lightbulb and Plant It with Beautiful Flowers

Yes, we are talking about lightbulb here; the one that is invented by Thomas Edison. Instead of throwing it away when not anymore usable for illumination, you can plant it with mini-sized flowers. Since this is a unique creation, your home will surely have a unique beauty that you could ever imagine.

2. Get Some Plants Grown in Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful at home. You can plant them with herbs or mini-sized plants, and you can hang it directly within your kitchen area. This will surely add more life in your kitchen.

3. Decorate Some Lantern Terrariums

Making some lantern terraniums is actually not that difficult or simple. It depends on your determination to do it. If you think that you cannot make, then you will surely can't. Since terrarium has sealed space, the plant inside will certainly look beautiful and elegant. This can be a perfect decoration in the living room.

4. Get Some Potted Plants Outside

If you get tired of the idea of planting new plants again, then why not get some of your potted plants outside your house instead? These are definitely great additions to your mini-indoor garden. Just be sure to arrange them well so that the overall beauty of your house interiors will not be affected.

5. Create Your Own Version of Hanging String Garden

A certain room in your house may be completed with a hanging string garden, as far as decoration is concerned. It will also create and illusion of height inside your house because the plants are hanged with strings.

6. Get Some Empty Bottles and Plant them with Flowers

Be resourceful enough. If you have empty bottles at home, then plant them with beautiful flowers that can be perfect for indoor decoration. With this, you are also helping the environment through recycling.

7. Create Your Own Vertical Wall Garden

If you have wider walls inside your house, then a vertical wall garden is simply perfect for you to have.

Make sure to try all these mini-indoor garden ideas, and add more beauty to the interiors of your home.


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