7 Reasons To Start Homesteading Today

Homesteading? Is it just a daydream? Some romantic but unattainable goal because its going to take one heck of a lot of work? And what about my family? Theyll think Im nuts! How in blazes am I ever gonna persuade them to pursue this with me?

Sometimes the reasons for not following your homesteading dream seem to outnumber the ones in favour of it! But were here to share with you seven big reasons (from Prarie Homestead....their website is so inspiring!) why homesteading can make total sense. And remember, you dont have to make one big change in a day; with a major life transition like this, baby steps are always called for.

One: it will help you form a healthy relationship with your food. When you buy groceries at the store, do you really know where your food is coming from? Getting in touch with our food is a very pro-active step towards our own health and well-being. Homesteading gives us a wonderful opportunity to connect with our food on a very intimate basis.

Two: food is not only healthier, but more delicious! Imagine going out to your own garden and picking a few carrots, beans, and tomatoes for a fresh salad? Nothing from the grocery store could ever be that fresh and give you the same satisfaction after all, you grew it yourself!

Three: freedom from the food industry. Homesteading lets us grow what we want without having to worry about rising prices for dairy, wheat, and so on. We take responsibility for our own food supply and become independent from a system we have no control over. This is empowering!

Four: security. Homesteading can also give us the peace of mind that we will be self-sufficient in any kind of emergency situation, big or small. We know where our food is and we dont have to go very far to get it.

Five: It aint easy! This is a very difficult path where you sweat bullets but at the end of the day, you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Hard work gives us strength and confidence in our own abilities that we cant get by sitting around watching tv.

Six: its a great way for kids to grow up. Rather than being riveted to their latest gadget, your children will be connected to the rhythms of nature. They will grow up with confidence and know how to take care of themselves when the going gets tough.

Seven: you will never be the same! After the initial plunge into homesteading, prepare for your life to change forever for the better. You will be physically and mentally stronger, you will have a healthy relationship with your food, your self-esteem will grow as high as your sunflowers. Your kids will be happier and more focussed and relaxed, with the wide open natural world as their playground.

After reading these 7 great Reasons, what are you waiting for? Why not start making those baby steps today?

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