800 Square Feet Small Cottage Design From 1924

This "800 Square Feet Small Cottage Design From 1924" is called the Rainer View, and it is by Stetson and Post Lumber in Seattle. This tiny cottage is just as stylish today as it was back then. You might want to add windows to the kitchen nook on three sides. This tiny house design really wouldn't look out of place if it was built the same today, it is a style that can still be seen all over the place, and a popular choice in tiny homes today.

The tiny house had two bedrooms with closets (both of which have windows for ventilation) and a space for a fireplace if desired. There is approximately 800 sf of living space equivalent to many modern two bedroom apartments and large enough to house one or two people comfortably. This tiny house design from 1924 had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a front and a back porch. The front porch of the tiny house was covered. The tiny house was 26 feet wide and 32 feet long. Would you change anything about this adorable tiny house. I like the way it is designed and like all the tiny window, I probably wouldn't change a thing, except for maybe adding new appliances!

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When it comes to living in a tiny house, you quickly learn that to look at space differently, and how you store all the stuff you own. You will also have to change the amount of stuff you bring into your tiny house space, as there isn't as much room to have clutter, thats for sure! The size of a house is no indication to the amount of unique design features and ideas that can go into it. With so many tiny house designs to look at, you will constantly come across tiny homes and small homes that continue to raise the bar when it comes to any type of home design. It goes to show that design is about all aspects of a home, whether it be a larger sized home or a tiny home. It does not matter if the tiny home or small home is used for full time living, a guest house, a vacation home, artist studio, or writers cabin, everything that goes into a space is important. From the building materials you use to build your tiny home, to the property you choose to build your tiny home, and how you are going to complement that location that you are in. Tiny house design just keeps getting better and better. It makes you rethink the purpose and use of your home space, from how you are going to store everything you have, to what you see when you walk into a home and all the stuff that is going to be in your tiny house space.

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