A Photo of This Log House Is next to the Word 'Beautiful' in the Dictionary

Log homes and cabins like this Traditional style log home, bring a sense of enchantment that comes with living life in a natural way. If you love log homes, than you will love having a look at this beautiful and tradition log home. Swedish and Scandinavian people brought over log home building concepts to North America in the early 1600s when the Europeans were first beginning to settle the land over here. Back then, people simply had to make do with the materials they could find in their surrounding environment, so when these people showed them how to use the trees that surrounded them to build themselves homes, this was a wonderful opportunity. Although, before the Europeans began settling here, the Native tribes, being very connected to the land and to nature, knew how to utilize trees to their benefit, and they also built homes, lodges, canoes, tools and weapons out of trees. So as we can see, log home building has been a part of North American life for a very long time.

This is why we continue to see a consistent interest in log home building, it is something that has been tried tested and true. People have grown to have deep faith in the strength and reliability of logs and the structures they build. This amazing looking log house form the Facebook page of Log Home Ideas, a page where people can browse through photos of all sorts of different log homes found all over the world. You can find nice moderate sized log cabins like this one, as well as huge log mansions and log chalets. This lovely log home has quite a simple design, one that reminds us of what the older log homes may have looked like in days passed. The peaked roof tops, with the gigantic timber beams framing the entrance ways into the home make a beautiful statement. The porch area is also wonderfully designed, with enough room for some patio chairs and some plants. This could also be a great spot to place a barbecue to enjoy some grilled food in the summer time. All of the great windows in this lovely log home

Log homes are known for their comfortable and familiar feeling, a place where everyone can feel right at home. This feeling could be linked up to nostalgia and memories that people have around log homes that they have loved visiting in the past or perhaps even living in. Logs also have a lot of healing benefits within them as well and are known to reduce anxiety and stress. Living in a log home or even being in a log home can bring the same sensations as being in a forest. Anyone who loves going on hikes will know what a natural calm being in the forest brings to a person. Trees are living beings which is what gives us a sense of connection to them. Logs are also known for their air filtration qualities, they are able to remove certain toxins and allergens out of the air, which is good for our health. There have been studies on the effects that living in a log home has on the human system and all of them a quite positive and inspiring.

Logs as a building material are also a great renewable resource, which makes them a very sustainable choice. Have a look at this sweet and cozy traditional style log cabin and many more on the Log Home Ideas Facebook page and like their page if you are interested in consistent updates. Let yourself be inspired by natural living at its finest with log homes and cabins!

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