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There is so much talk about the tiny house movement lately. Could You Live In this Tiny Home? This whole downsizing movement is allowing people to live a life that they can afford, as well as one that they can enjoy fully. Living in a large house seems like a great idea until you realize just how much it costs to own one. The heating and electric bills can be astronomical in larger houses. Whenever there is a repair to do, depending on the extent of the damage, these can end up draining your funds as well. Downsizing into a tiny home, or a smaller home is a choice people are making for these reasons. The tiny house movement is helping people empower themselves by taking their power back from the powers that be, by not buying into a life of debt and consumerist slavery.

This tiny house movement may be seen by some people as a fad, but it is more of a revolution, and there are many documentaries and even television shows that showcase what it is like to build and live in a tiny home. Most of the people on the shows are looking to lessen their environmental footprint as well as live a life of more freedom. So the less that they have to pay for owning a large house, the less time they have to work to afford said house. They are upgrading their whole lives, so it is not even a sacrifice, but an improvement on their quality of life. People who have to work less are less stressed and lead more enjoyable lives within their means. We are leaving behind the adage that a bigger house is better, and starting to see the profound benefits of living smaller.

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So how do people go about building their tiny houses? Well, there are many different factors to consider, how much space is ideal and how small you are willing to go. The tiny houses on wheels provide people with a home that can be moved around to wherever they want to be. This can be great for people who travel within their own country a lot for work. Tiny houses on wheels are quite tiny, though and have to fit within certain guidelines to build. The height is usually 13 feet, the width can be up to 8 feet and the length up to 40 feet usually, but it also depends on where you live. If you can't see yourself living in 300 square feet or less, then maybe this Ranch House would be sufficient for you. This home is not as small as some homes can get, at 1,258 square feet, with three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, with an attached garage for additional space, to park cars or a shop. But for many people who are presently living in homes that are 3000 square feet or perhaps even larger, this would be a downsize for them.

The plans for this smaller home can be purchased on ePlans website, starting at $605 for one copy of the plans to use to look into the plans a bit more, or $1,000 for the full AutoCad licensed plans that can be changed to preference. Buying a set of plans online can be easier than hiring someone to draw up plans for you, so if you don't want an overly customized home, then finding a plan that best suits your needs on ePlans is probably a good option for you. This plan is a very smart use of space and packs a lot into a small space. You can browse the plans that are available on ePlans website to get an idea of the kind of smaller house you would like to live in. Enjoy having a look at these great plans on their website!

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