Amazing Little Cabin

They say the bigger the better. That might be true to some aspects of life but nowadays tiny houses have been literally taken over and considered these past few days as one of the trending. Fairytale houses well describe some of the most impressive wooden structures carved by Steve Blanchard. Use of the natural grains, shapes and lines in the woods coupled with the artistic skill level required, Blanchard creates a fantasy world in each piece.

Steve Blanchard was known to be the famous Rebel Carver and Itsyville Creator. Tell him anything you wanted and he'll carve it for you. Isn't it amazing? When he first started learning his craft, he firstly carve a miniature redwood trees. As he found out that a lot of people are doing it, he uniquely make his own style by adding tree limbs in order to stand out compared to others. A fellow carver and mentor of Steve told him that it was possible to do it but it just wouldn't work. While his mentor was busy with his piece, Steve continue to worked the limbs into his carvings until such time he moved on carving wood spirits, seals, eagles, Indians and whatever he thinks that could uncover in the gift box. Fifteen years later, those tree limbs became popular and evolved into a one of a kind tree houses that you have to see to believe.

Using natural material mixed with rustic motives and wildlife models, the end result is awe-inspiring pieces of art. View the images of the amazing little cabin and other pieces and appreciate the mastery of skill in these pieces of art. Or for a peek of Steves recent creations, you may visit Or simply drop by in his shop to be found at the entire village of Itsyville and his imagination out of Salinas, California. Enjoy!

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