Amazing Root Furniture Definitely One Of A Kind

When we think of wood furniture, all sorts of images come to mind of beautiful grain textures shining through on the sleek and carefully cut logs. Images of beautiful woods like bentony, mahogany, pine, cedar, oak, fir, walnut, maple, cherry, birch... the list goes on, spur up in our heads. Each of these woods have their own set of unique qualities and properties that make the stand out. When you think of all these, in your mind you are probably picturing sleek and slender furniture that is polished and either perfectly straight or rounded to make unique designs. However, have you ever seen furniture made from the roots of a tree instead of the upper portion? If the answer is no, as it was for me, then you need to checkout these photos at "Indonesia Teak Furniture".

These teak root pieces of furniture are from Bali, Indonesia. Some of them boast glass tops and others have an all wood design. You can order them through their online store on the "Indonesia Teak Furniture" website and they offer good prices according to their page. But you will need to call for more information on the subject. If you happen to be in the the Bali, Indonesia area then go ahead and check out their show room where they display all of their unique pieces of furniture open to the public. However, if you are like me, and live far away, then enjoy all of the lovely pictures they have on their site. Shipping will likely be a hefty price, but if you have some cash to spare then this might be something worth looking at. If you decide to buy one, I'm sure they will be a statement piece in your home and a focal point that will start up many conversations with guests.

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