Another 16 Kitchen Scraps That You Can Re-grow

For those of you who are fans of organic living, this information is sure to make you happy. Did you know that you can re-grow some of of the vegetables and fruits you are using? Here are some of the methods you might want to check and learn how to re-grow these vegetables the next time you have them for your meal. In most cases these are just fun to start and are a great educational experience for children to observe.

1.Onions, Fennel, Leeks and Scallions- you can re-grow these. Get a glass jar and put some water in it. Make sure that you place it in an area that is well lighted. Put the cut off root ends into the water in a few days you will notice its growth and even see some green shoots coming out of it.

2.Romaine Lettuce, Cabbage, Celery- these are all perfect for your salad, and they too could be regrown. Use the same method as above, or these can also be planted using a little soil. The key to success is remembering to keep it watered and just moist.

3.A single clove of Garlic will produce a shoot, and this will be enough to plant and grown the entire garlic bulb.

4.Carrot Tops are mainly grown for fun as the tops of the carrots when placed in a shallow dish of water will sprout, and you will have lovely green foliage to enjoy. This is NOT for eating.

5.Pineapple tops are great fun also to grow. Again you will get a nice green house plant out of the pineapple top. The top that you cut off of the pineapple fruit will take root when submersed into water. This then gets planted into a small pot with soil. This is a plant that requires patience as pineapple plants take two years before any fruit is produced, even when grown commercially.

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