Appalachian Log Cabin Kit only $46,000 MUST SEE INSIDE

Log home and cabins are a timeless classic when it comes to building homes and cabins. You can purchase Deluxe Finished 560 Sq. ft. Appalachian Cabin Kits from $46,877. Log building is nothing new, but it is very popular and has been for centuries. The Swedish brought the concept of log building over from Europe, since that is how they would build their homes over there. In North America, they found there was also an abundance of trees, so they did the natural thing, and went with what they knew how to build. Even the Aboriginal people, some of the tribes build long houses made out of logs for their homes and community buildings. Using what comes from the Earth in a respectful way is a great way to live in harmony with all of creation.

This particular cabin, the Appalachian Cabin, is a very traditional log cabin design, but it is also a little modern as well. It sits right on the ground is like the majority of smaller traditional cabins you see. Back in the day, people didn't care about having their home look too fancy, it was more about survival and having the things you need for basic day to day life. As time went on there was more of an interest in decor and the artistic appeal and aesthetics of the average person's home. Especially when people were first settling in North America.

The Appalachian Cabin comes from the Amish Cabin Company, who supplies their customers with the kit needed to build the home. Complete with materials, 2 windows, an insulated door, loft with a railing, ladder and windows, an insulated metal roof, stain and hardware to put it together. You can have some one assemble it for you or you can try a hand at doing it yourself. They do not unload it for you unfortunately, so that is something you will have to plan.

Log home kits are a great way to build your home or cabin. The logs used in the kits from most of these companies come from sustainable tree plantations, where the trees are grown specifically to be used for log housing and other log building projects. This helps keep all of the ancient growth forests in tact and thriving, and so its a more sustainable way to build beautiful, quality homes and cabins. Amish Cabin Company's website has various plans available that you can look through for inspiration. You can see the Appalachian Cabin and their other log homes and cabins on the 'Amish Cabin Company' website by following the link in the description below.

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