Apple Crisp Cake

When summer and fall roll around, there are always lots of fruits and vegetables to use in making tons of delicious recipes. This "Apple Crisp Cake," recipe is the perfect one to try with all of the apples that late summer and early fall can bring. Apples are one of natures beautiful, nutritious fruits, that are enjoyable just on their own sometimes. Especially Gala apples or Golden Delicious apples, since they are naturally very sweet. Usually the apples that you would get off of an apple tree in your backyard would be one of the more sour or tart varieties. Did you know that there maybe up to a hundred different apple varieties. That might seem like a lot, but, only 100 years ago there were hundreds of different apple varieties. Now only 15 or the varieties are actually sold in grocery stores. When the commercialization of food began, we lost a lot of the farmers with their well kept orchards with all of these different apples. ,

This apple crisp cake is a great way to make use of your apples, baked into a cake that's not too sweet. To start you'll want to prepare the crumb topping that is similar to that of a traditional apple crisp, it's easy to do, and it tastes so good! After making the crisp topping, you can move on to the cake mixture, the peeling of the apples, tossed in the wonderful spices with a little bit of lemon juice for some added flavour dimension. You'll want to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and spray a 9 by 13 inch baking pan with nonstick spray to put everything into. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the site of course.

The creator of this recipe site is Kathi, she enjoys writing about all the things she loves, with a focus on her passion for food and photography. Almost all of the recipes you'll find on this site are home cooked with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Kathi strives to prepare nutritious food, but admits to having a sweet tooth so there are a lot of great desserts here as well. On Kaith's Deliciously Yum food blog, you will find healthy meals, comfort dinners and outrageously amazing desserts. This site has a lot of different categories of recipes that you'll find. The following recipes are just a few of the bar recipe examples that you find; brown butter rice krispie treats, brown butter salted caramel espresso bar recipe, caramel nougat chalet bar recipe, chocolate chip cookie stack recipe, dreamy strawberry coconut bar recipe, four layer everything crunch bars recipe, lemon pucker bars, monster cookie bars, no bake chocolate peanut butter coconut bar recipe, no bake sweet and salty cereal bar recipe and so much more! Doesn't that all sound so tempting? You must have a look for yourself! Enjoy!

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