Are tiny houses and micro-apartments the future of urban homes?

Are tiny houses and micro-apartments the future of urban homes? That’s what this recent article in “The Guardian” addresses, and it’s looking like the answer could well be a resounding yes!

At least, that’s what it seemed like at last year’s “Dwell on Design” conference in Los Angeles, California. That’s where designers from all over the globe flocked to present their tiny-living houses and merchandise. And, we must say, the line up looked pretty impressive! Can you imagine? We’d be like kids at the candy store at a conference like this. With loads of transformable and 3D-printed furniture to choose from, as well as prefabricated trailers, not to mention tiny house structures made from living trees! And one of the greatest things about all of these new designs are they also focused on energy conservation and eco-friendliness.

The tide definitely seems to be turning when it comes to our perceptions of living big and living small. More and more people are becoming interested in scaling down their living space, and for a variety of reasons. But there are also places in the world, particularly large cities like New York and Hong Kong, where tiny space living is not really a choice, but a reality. These new designs for efficient tiny space living could sure go a long way in making life a lot more comfortable for those who live tiny by necessity rather than choice. And what’s really important here is to be able to make these spaces affordable! Another very crucial point is allowing for green space. Many far-seeing urban designers are saying – if people are going to live small, then they need to have a large open park nearby. Also, if cities have smaller apartments for people to live in, then those places need to have large windows so people don’t feel too cramped inside.

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