Art of Gardening: Sleeping Bird Topiary

Some people use garden gnomes, the infamous pink flamingos or cute little animal figures to decorate their lawns and gardens while others choose to turn the plants themselves into interesting creatures to attract smiles and comments from curious passersby. If you dare to try channeling your inner Edward Scissorhands, this article from Goods Home Design demonstrates an excellent example of a cheeky and fun topiary project for your front yard.

The art of topiary involves careful pruning of shrubs or trees to create specific shapes. In effect, the plants then become living sculptures, taking on forms of spirals, perfect circles or rectangles, or in some cases recognizable figures. Topiary can be as simple as a nicely flattened and squared off hedge, as intricate as a collection of animal figures or as complicated as precise geometrical designs. Rounded out with some metal accessories, such as in the sleeping bird detailed in the link provided, a shrub can be transformed into a conversation piece that will capture the attention of the neighborhood.

In Tasmania, Australia the town of Railton is known as "The Town of Topiary". The town boasts over 150 topiary, specializing in unique characters such as the Tasmanian Devil. In addition to individual topiary, Railton also has topiary scenes designed to captivate and amuse tourists, children and other visitors to the town. Local businesses provide topiary maps to help visitors locate all of these unique attractions during their stay. Elephant topiary in Railton fondly refer to a memorable historic event when a traveling circus held an elephant race down Railton's Main Street. One the the elephants had escaped at some point and now elephants have become a feature design in Railton's extensive topiary displays.

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