At Only $25k This Log Cabin Kit is Amazing with a MUST SEE Interior!

Now here is a simple, beautiful log cabin that could be the perfect place to call home, or use as a recreational cabin. Log home kits like this one can be ordered online directly through log home building companies or through eBay. People purchase log home kits like this one to build for many reasons including for use as a cabin, as a first home or as a smaller home to downsize into for retirement. A smaller log cabin like this one is perfect for if you don't require a lot of space. These particular log home kits are for sale by a company called Wilderness Cabins, and there are a variety of log cabin designs to choose from. As you can see here, their log cabins are also able to be fully furnished as well. The customer has the choice of fabrics and design within the home, giving them the chance to make it all their own. Their log cabin and log home kits will even include the major appliances like a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and laundry units which make them very comfortable for longer stays and full time living.

Most people will choose to build a smaller cabin over a larger luxury cabin to save money in the building process, but also in the long terms as well. Since these small log homes are only around 400 square feet, you won't have to pay the usual property taxes on it. The seller also has financing options making it even easier to own one of these lovely log cabins. But for only $25,000 as the starting bid, that's not too expensive for a real log cabin anyway. These log cabin designs are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. The interiors are bright and spacious, and very modern. They even offer log home kits for colder regions that come equipped with the proper insulation to handle the colder temperatures. The log cabin designs you see here includes a loft space that could be used for sleeping or storage, as well as the option to have one or two bedrooms. All of their log cabins also include bathrooms as well. It's best to consider what you and your family will need when you're trying to decide on log cabin designs. Narrow it down by thinking about how many bedrooms you'll need realistically and the purpose you'll be using it for. If you're just using it for a weekend and holiday cabin, you'll probably need less space than you would for full-time living.

To get started on buying a log cabin from Wilderness Cabins you simply pick out the cabin floor plan you like the most, then you choose your exterior finishings which include the siding and roof colours. Next, you would choose your interior finishings and the colours and designs you prefer. Then, they will build your cabin in their warehouse, and after it's completed, they'll ship the log cabin to your property. Like most log home building companies, they don't do any of the on-site preparation work including getting the foundation or the utilities set up. All of that is up to the customer, so that's something you'll have to look into yourself and sort out before you place your order. It's a good idea to figure out how much the foundation and utilities will cost to install before hand so you can factor that into your building budget. Enjoy getting inspired by the log cabin and home designs you see on eBay and use that inspiration to help you choose the log cabin or home of your dreams.***

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