Backyard Chickens - How to Design Your Chicken Run

Have your own back yard garden but need a little something extra? How about adding some chickens to your yard?! There are so many benefits to having chickens in your yard. They keep away pests that you might not want by eating them up, they can also be very good at making your soil more usable and the obvious reasons to have them for eggs and then meat when the time has come. But before all of that can come, and before you even get chickens in your yard, you should really think about the place where they are going to be, and make the home that they will live in.

This article shows a beautiful chicken run in some one's yard and down further you will find a video that will take you through the important things to consider when building a coop for yours little hens. You first of all need the space in your yard, 5 - 10 square feet, and dry. You have to have a fence to prevent predators from getting to your chickens as well. The man in the video tells you that you also really need to have a covering fence on the ceiling of the coop to protect your birds from the predators getting access to the chickens from above. Important tips like having one pair of shoes that you wear into the coop to prevent the spread of diseases, and other important tips as well. There seems to be a whole series on this topic if you want to learn more too! Which is great because not many people know these types of things anymore so its wonderful that they have taken the time to present the information in an easy to access way! Try it out for yourself, follow the link below to get to the article on "Goods Home Design" !

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