Banana Ice Box Cake

I love eating cake, but I hate baking it. I actually fear my oven. Seriously. Sometimes it likes to burn my baked goods on purpose. So, imagine my delight when I came across this amazing recipe for Banana Ice Box Cake. Ice Box, as in freezer. As in, no baking required. How awesome is that? Now I can have my cake and eat it too! And if you follow this very simple recipe for banana ice box cake, you can as well!

An icebox cake is typically a dessert consisting of whipped cream and wafers. The cake, once prepared, is left in the icebox (or freezer) overnight to chill and set, making serving simple. It is a similar dessert to both charlotte (a French icebox cake) and trifle and was first introduced to the United States during World War I. The popularity of this cake took off in the 1920s and 1930s as it began using many commercial shortcuts and premade ingredients (such as condensed milk, wafer cookies and back of the box recipes), making it an even easier dessert to whip-up. There is a variation of the icebox cake which is made using pudding and graham crackers instead of whipped cream and wafers. This particular icebox cake recipe, by Danielle of the food blog Hugs & Cookies, calls for wafers, pudding and whipped cream, giving it a very creamy, rich and luxurious texture.

The key ingredient in this cake recipe are, of course, the bananas. Bananas are considered a soft, sweet fruit, but are botanically a berry, produced by herbaceous flowering plants. Bananas vary in size, color and firmness and for this recipe you want a ripe yellow banana without any bruising. The banana was first domesticated in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea, with evidence that banana cultivation in these regions goes back to between 8,000 and 5,000 BCE. It was not until the 1880s that North Americans began consuming bananas in any quantity. Today, the vast majority of the worlds bananas cultivated for consumption are in India, but many other Asian and African countries also host large populations of banana growers. Perhaps the best part of bananas, aside from their sweet flesh, is that they are an excellent source of vitamin B and contain amounts of vitamin C and manganese as well as dietary fiber. That means this banana ice box cake is actually good for you right?

An important note: you will want a springform pan for this recipe. Tortes and cheesecakes are typically made in springform pans. If youre unfamiliar with this type of bakeware, it is a pan featuring sides that can be removed from the base when the latches on the sides are loosened. This allows for the cake to set firmly before removing the sides, allowing easy access to be able to slice and serve (or, if youre like me, you can just eat the whole thing right out of the pan all by yourself because, honestly, this cake recipe is too good to share).

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