Beautiful Tiny House

The tiny house movement is more popular than ever before, with so many unique tiny houses, small houses and tiny cabins enjoyed by people all over the world. This "Beautiful Tiny House," is a must see, so cosy and cute, it's an inspiring space.

This tiny house is a very modern design, on the inside and the outside. The shape of the tiny house is different and appealing, the nice thing about this tiny house is it's on wheels, so it can be moved to different locations. The interior of the tiny house is wooden, and the decorating is modern and simple, with lots of storage strategically placed around the tiny house. The storage in the stairs is such an excellent tiny house idea, this tiny house has a bedroom, living area, kitchen, bathroom and a tiny office space. The tiny house has a natural raw wood counter, light blue walls, wood trim throughout, wood floors and wood ceiling and white cupboards, the interior is lovely and modern. Outside there is some corrugated tin used with wood, for a perfect combination. This tiny house would be perfect for a small family.

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