Bluebird Bus Turned Into a Cozy Mobile Home

Tiny homes and small houses are more popular than ever before, with yurts, cob cottages, beach shacks, prefab tiny homes, modular homes and off grid designs, styles and plans being designed and lived in all over the world. This "Bluebird Bus Turned Into a Cozy Mobile Home," is just one way of recycling a vehicle and making it into a liveable tiny home.

This Bluebird bus turned into a cozy mobile home has been renovated into a lovely and comfortable place to live in full time, or to be used as a travel camper, perfect for weekend getaways or vacations. With a little research it's easy to remodel a bus into a tiny house, and have some fun while you are doing it. The tiny house design is just like that of an average home, with a large bed, sofa, carpeted floor and well equipped kitchen. The tiny home has a good sized wood stove for heat, wooden floors throughout, lots of wood cupboards for kitchen storage, a medium sized fridge and propane oven/stove, good sized kitchen sink and toilet. The nice thing about this tiny home is you can move it to the location that you want to be.

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