Brilliant & Creative Off Grid SMART Home

Smart homes are ahead of us and you have probably heard of the term, especially on luxury residential projects. But, what is really a smart home?

A smart home can control all the electronic devices of the house, including the lighting system from a single point of control. Smart houses can gather all the needed information by using different sensors such as door sensors, lighting sensors, motion sensors, rain sensors and much more. Smart houses can evaluate all the data and manage the routine in your home. It also takes charge of the security, informs you whether there are unexpected cases happening in your house.

Loren Amelang used to help code for companies in Silicon Valley. He was always been an advocate to the environment that when his employer had a fluorescent lighting installed and wont let them use their own lights, he decided to move out and made his own dream home an off-grid smart home. He was able to craft his own smart environment-friendly abode using solar water heaters and panels that are singly managed from a computer.

He made his own water treatment system makes use of ozone and doesnt affect the environment. His house also uses DC lighting thats more energy-efficient and doesnt flicker. His smart home can also identify whether it is too hot inside and automatically opens the roof vents to alleviate the heat. The same goes for his hot water heater as it uses wood stove during winter and solar energy during summer. The wood stove is also bound to heat the house during winter season, serving as the homes heating system. Temperature gages are also all over the house to tell whether there is a fire around the wood stove. When there is, his smart home does the rest from turning the water pumps on to circulating the water to areas that need it.

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