Build a Log Cabin Without Spending a Fortune

It's always good to hear stories where someone's dream comes true. It feels good to see people achieve their dreams and be happy, and it also inspires us to believe in our own dreams and their potential. Like, the log house builder in this story, many people dream of building a wood cabin of their own one day or owning a cabin building. There is something empowering about becoming self-reliant and capable, and owning a log house make ones feel this way. Building a wood cabin takes this to an entirely new level .If you also dream of building your own log house, this story may inspire you to start keeping your eyes open to good deals on equipment and log house building tools. The story also might encourage you to start browsing books on cabin building or how to use specific building tools. Such a huge part of building your own wood cabin is in the planning phase, so you want to keep this in mind even if you do not have the finances, the land or the skills just yet, use the time for learning and for planning your dream wood cabin.

This is the story of how a family came to build a cabin building of their own. The story starts off just like many people who dream of owning their own home, in a place where their children could experience the peace of mind that comes from living in the country. The story takes you through each stage of the cabin building process from the dream of cabin building to the clearing of the land, looking for tools and building the wood cabin. As for tools you want to look for the best prices that you can. You can either rent a sawmill or purchase one; you will have to determine all of your needs. Often you can go down to your local sawmill and spend a bit of money to have them do the work for you. It also helps to have a truck and trailer for hauling timber. An end trimmer is another tool you will want to cut sawmilled boards to length. This tool is not a necessity, but it is quicker than squaring and cutting each board to length with a circular saw. Other tools to consider are an edger to trim the lengthwise edges of sawmill slabs, along with a wheeled tripod with a wench that could be used to move logs around on the subfloor and hoist them into place. You will also need miscellaneous hand, and power tools for cabin building, such as a chain saw ax, a drawknife for peeling the bark from logs, cement mixing equipment, shovels, block-laying tools, and more.

The story goes on to talk about the whole process of purchasing the land which was a 7 1/2 acre piece of property that was completely wooded except for a small yard with a mobile home. Being able to live on the land where you are cabin building is convenient as you also have a place to stay until the wood cabin is completed. One of the first steps in clearing your property for cabin building is to remove the trees and stumps with little digging. Then you will need to fill in the stump holes and smooth the site by dragging a cross tie around and around behind the pickup truck.

This log house story is just one of the inspiring wood cabin stories you will find on the Mother Earth News site. On the site, you will find plenty of cabin building stories and ideas for a wood cabin project of your own. You will also find log house DIY ideas, renewable energy ideas, green homes, natural health, organic gardening and so much more. **

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