Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bar

Are you looking for an awesome dessert recipe? Well, look no further! These ever popular Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars, are here to save the day! These Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars ares so incredibly popular, that they have been pinned one million times on Pintrest, if you can believe it! Now that is saying a lot about a recipe, when 1 million people have chosen to save it on their pintrest boards. You know it must be really good if it has gotten that much attention, right?! I bet if you were to try it out yourself, you would love it just like those other people who have pinned it and who have probably already tried it out for themselves. It's so awesome that we have the internet and all of these forums where we can share recipes that we love and treasure. Before there was the internet, we had recipe books of course, which go back to ancient days. So many people remember the days of having to write out the recipe by hand to have a copy of it. And then people would have their own recipe scrap book of sorts, or a recipe binder or folder. Now that we have Pintrest, we can totally do the same thing, but it takes up way less time and way less clutter than having all of the papers!

Christy, the author over at The Girl Who Ate Everything, which is such a great name for a food blog, says that she has been making this recipe from Paula Deen for a couple of years now, and she felt like it needed a little bit more cream cheese in it. So her own recipe has been modified with more cream cheese. She thought that there needed to be a little bit more of a balance between the creamy cream cheese, the sugary cookie dough crust, and the streusel topping with the sweet apples in caramel sauce. All of those things are definitely very sweet, so the cream cheese layer helps to balance it all nicely as a neutral layer with a very neutral flavour, that compliments all of the other flavours in the cheesecake bars. This recipe would be a great way to use up all of the nice apples that we have an abundance of in the summer time and early fall. Tart apples like Pink Lady apples taste really good in sweet dessert recipes like this, because they are a nice flavour juxtaposition.

This is a perfect recipe for summer or fall, when there are an abundance of apples available to make different recipes out of. Most of the apples that come off of the trees in our back yards are perfect for these types of recipes, and not the best for just eating the same way you would eat a gala apple, or a sweeter tasting apple. These apples are super tart and pretty hard to eat unless you really love sour flavoured stuff. So use up some of those apples making this awesome dessert that everyone will love! Head over to 'The Girl Who Ate Everything' by following the link in the section below for more!

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We love sharing recipes but we must give credit where credit is due, that is why you will need to visit the website in the link below to get the recipe. Thanks for supporting all of the talented cooks in the world!

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