Cast iron skillet lovers, here is a recipe just for you! There are so many people that really love cooking in their cast iron skillets and are always on the lookout for recipes. Although this recipe is specific to a cast iron skillet, if you dont have one, you can still make the pizza on your regular pizza pan. When you cook with cast iron, it is important to season the skillet with oil. Just pour in a little olive oil, and use a paper towel to rub it around coating the bottom and going up the sides of the skillet. Wipe off any excess as you just want to make a light coating in the pan. You will place your dough onto the seasoned pan for baking. Whenever you are done with a cast iron pan, it is okay to wash them in soapy water, but dont leave them to sit in water very long as rusting can occur. Its better to clean the pan once it has cooled, wipe it dry with a paper towel rather than a tea towel as the pan through the seasoning process can have a bit of a dark residue on it. It is a good practice to re-season your skillet after you have used it. This would mean putting a bit of oil again, rubbing on with a paper towel wiping off any access and storing in the cupboard. A really well seasoned cast iron pan has a nice black shine to the surface. Did you know that you can even bring a rusted cast iron pan back to life with a good wash in soapy water and applying oil a few times to get it back to its original state! Cast iron pans were used by our grandmothers and some of us are lucky enough to even have those treasured cooking vessels in our own cupboards. They last for years and years with proper care, unlike many of the skillets of today with their no-stick surfaces.


10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough 14 ounces

1/4 BBQ Sauce

1/2 cup Pineapple, tidbits, drained

4 ounces cooked chicken, cut into small pieces

3/4 cup Ham, diced

Sliced red onions

2/3 cup Cheese, shredded

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