Cement Cobblestone Path

Building a patio, walkway or parking area using concrete paver blocks or paving slabs will enable you to enhance your home and make the very most of your outdoor space. Stone products such as flagstone or fieldstone lend a natural look to garden landscape.

If you like the idea of a cobblestone path but don't think you're up to it, think again. Use a concrete stencil! Use it for new surfaces or to resurface an existing one or take it a step further with an artistic and natural garden installation! There's so many plain paving slab ideas out there and I thought I'd have a try making my own for my garden using a leaf as a mold.

This installation is actually for art and not to be walked on - you can making this for stepping on, you just need to apply a couple of inches more thickness than I did and add a bit of chicken wire.

You will need:


Sand (I used soft as opposed to sharp sand)

A leaf




Suitable flat surface - thick cardboard if you're not going to move it, I used the top of an old desk.

Knife for opening bags if you need it

Gloves/other general safety gear as appropriate.

Screwdriver or similar sharp pointy implement for getting in crooks and crannies.

A couple of minions/friends/assistants about to take photos and assist with general jobs. You'll probably need a hand when doing this or moving the heavy ornaments.

When using rhubarb leaves for pavers and decorative uses, leave the leaf on during the curing process, which helps keep the cast moist as well. Eventually it dries up and can be removed easily, and the remnants can be blasted off with a strong water jet. Be sure to pack enough material around the large veins to avoid weak spots in the piece.

If you want a really big leaf, and I mean big, try Gunnera Mannacata. Another tip is try spraying the leaf with cooking oil before putting the concrete on.

Good Luck with your Ornamental designs! To purchase a mold for this project, check out the link below to the 'Amazon' website.

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