Cherry Limeade Jello Cake!

Today's featured recipe is called the "Cherry Limeade Jello Cake" and it's about to knock your socks off! This is something that you can be sure that the kids in your house would love. It is going to be an instant favourite for anyone who tries it, because who could resist jello? It's the ultimate children's party cake as well, and would be fabulous for a child of any age for their birthday. Or, it would be great for Christmas time because of the festive red white and green colours. This idea came from a recipe blog called Weary Chef owned by Andi. She has a lot of home cooked meal suggestions that are handy for those who are living a busy life, but want to cook healthy meals for their families. There will be no more reason now not to cook at home when you read her blog. Even though it can be difficult at times when things get so busy, you definitely feel the good health benefits of eating at home more often, plus, it is lighter on your budget as well, which everyone can also appreciate.

Now back to this recipe, you have to admit that its not everyday that you get to hear about a jello cake. You hear about jello in whipped cream dessert recipes, but it is kind of different to hear jello and cake being placed together in a recipe. Its rare like the love affair of Andi and her husband. They have been together for two decades now and she thought what better way to celebrate their anniversary than to bake this unique and delicious cake. She thought of calling it a poke cake at first because this one has holes caused by poking tiny little indents into the baked cake with a chopstick or something similar. Her idea was to pour the jello into those holes, but what happened when she did it is that the jello went everywhere in the container. It turned out to be a soak cake" more than a poke cake. But the holes were still useful in the end because the icing actually filled them. So even haphazard recipes can turn out to be great recipes. With baking, this isn't often the case, so take advantage of these kinds of happy mistakes when they happen to turn out to be something good. Usually with baking, there isn't a lot of room for slip ups, as many people know.

The prep time takes about 20 minutes and cooking it, about another 40 minutes. It is good for 12 servings, so its perfect for parties or BBQ hang outs with your friends or as a party treat. The ingredients are so easy to find like a yellow sheet cake, cherry jello, water, lime, white frosting and some food coloring. The result will be a sweet, creamy and soft cake that your family and friends would love. Why not try it out yourself and see how it turns out? You might be surprised to find out how yummy it is!

To view the entire recipe for this "Cherry Limeade Jello Cake," check out the "Weary Chef" website. Happy Baking!

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