Chicken Fajita Pasta

Do you love pasta recipes? Do you absolutely adore fajita recipes? Then why not put these two old recipe favorites together and make this Chicken Fajita Pasta recipe? Thats what Amanda did over at the Kevin and Amanda blog, and shes never looked back not even for a sec. This dish is just too darned delicious!One of the greatest specialties of this chicken pasta meal is the texture! The trick is to get the chicken just crispy enough (without burning it, of course!) so it will blend perfectly with the soft pasta. And its a really healthy dinner dish as well. Why? Because not only is it piled high with chicken and pasta, its got a ton of fresh yummy vegetables in it, too. Another highlight of this chicken fajita pasta recipe is the spice! Theres nothing better to eat on a cold day it will warm you up pretty quick. And if its a hot day, no worries, it will cool you down by increasing your body temperature ever so slightly and making you perspire. Voila, instant cool-down! Pretty good for a hot, mouth-watering meal. A third bonus of this Mexican pasta dish is that its not only fast to make, its easy too. You can make a large quantity, as well, and freeze some of it, so it can feed your whole family for weeks to come. Its also the perfect chicken casserole dish to take to a potluck, celebration, or large family gathering. It will feed a great number of people and it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, for sure.

As we mentioned earlier, we discovered this super-delicious Mexican pasta recipe at the Kevin and Amanda blog! This awesome husband and wife team are the best blogging partners ever. And they dont just write about yummy food ideas either! They also write about photography, adventure travel, and Boston Terriers as well. If you just happen to be interested in any of these topics, you might want to give them a little visit sometime. Their website is jam-packed with all kinds of very helpful info. If youre thinking of going on a little trip somewhere, they can help you get informed and get motivated. These two lovely, adventurous souls travel all over the world, writing about the places they visit and taking wonderful photos. They share all of their amazing experiences with us via their blog. Oh, and Kevin can really show you how to best use your DSLR camera, if you happen to have one!

Kevin and Amanda inspire us all to live life to the fullest, travelling to all of those places weve dreamed of for all of our lives. Not only that, but they encourage us to eat very well while we are doing it! How do we do that? Well, it all starts at home, right? It all starts with making lovely, healthy, and hearty meals at home like this chicken fajita pasta recipe! And once we get that down pat, then we can expand this new passion in self-care to all aspects of our lives, taking especially good care of ourselves while we are travelling. Sounds pretty darned good, huh?

And so tonight, why not make yourself and your family this lovely spicy chicken pasta dish and pretend youre on a trip to Mexico? You could turn up the heat a notch and even decorate your dining room with a few colourful piatas. And why turn on a playlist of some very happy, vibrant Mexican music?! The kids would love it and well bet they will finish their entire plates and ask for seconds and thirds. Even when youre just pretending youre on a big adventure, you can work up a good appetite! And after supper, you can go at those piatas and have a really awesome time.

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