Choose An Eye And See What It Reveals About Your Personality

What eye attracts you? Is there only one type or more than one type? Take a minute to observe the eye types.

# 1 You may be a person who finds deep relief in helping others. You have an open soul and you are the type of person that welcomes most anyone into your life and heart. You are willing to take a risk and get hurt yourself instead of closing yourself off to the world. You don't show fears and insecurites and you believe you should deal with your problems privately.

#2 Conscientious would well discribe you. You want to be the best person possible and you put your heart and soul into everything you do. You take others into consideration, knowing your actions can affect them. You see injustice and misery in the world but you keep all your worries to yourself.

#3 You always seem to be fighting to maintain peace wherever you can. You think life is some sort of sick cosmic joke and your soul often feels tortured. You carry your rough past and let it affect you today. You are often introspective and trying to rationalize your thoughts. You feel you have a lot to endure and you are keeping to yourself. Dispite all of this you are an expert at picking yourself up and your frame of mind is surprisingly sunny when you want it to be.

#4 You are the deep thinker, philosopical, overthinking everthing and everyone. Even though you may consider life to be a big Maze, you enjoy the ride, looking for the deeper meaning in things, thinking and overthinking, confidently figuring things out. You are a master of keeping from the world how unsure you actually are of things.

#5 You enjoy your mystifying and puzzing life. You are enigmatic, and have a life and soul full of contradictions. You have an unstable mood and find it hard to deal withg yourself. You don't normally show the world much about yourself and like to walk on stable ground most of the time.

#6 A sensitive soul, feeling everything, forgetting nothing. Your deep feelings can allow small details to affect you, but at the same time you can laugh and feel healed and wonderful. You like to keep your fragility private. You are in sync with the world, you show how sharp and astute you can be to the people you encounter. You have a special eye for what is going to happen next and you feel things coming.

#7 There is nothing subtle about you. Ever! You are fiery, energetic and passionate. You are a love or hate type of person. You have strong opinions and make quick and drastic decisions. You hide your anxiety and have a ton of energy. You can be quite nervous. It's all about very high stakes in your mind and sometimes you help make for drama too quickly.

#8 Does eccentric resonate with you? You like weird and unusual things, thoughts and practices. Never paying attention to tradition or rules, a bit of a 'unique' person. You do things your way no matter the consequences. You like to world to be aware of how different you are and that you have nothing to hide. You don't care if people judge you and you wish everyone would be more unique like yourself. You think it is good to be a non-conformist.

#9 You are intuitive and seem to have a sixth sense about understanding other people and the world. You tend to be able to tell much about a person from their tone of voice and facial expression. People cannot easily manipulate you. You show the world exactly what you want to show and are very good at expressing yourself. You are also a great listener. You know where you

are at and what you want in life.