Clay Flower Pot - With A Twist

Old containers, wooden crates and clay pots make wonderful garden planters. You can reuse so many things into a backyard or garden, the possibilities are endless. Plants and gardening are a great way to showcase your finds from various antique stores, flea-markets and garage sale finds. An additional bonus is you are saving these items from a landfill and are Repurposing - Reusing - Recycling them into your garden!

Old wine crates/ wooden boxes and containers make upcycling easy as they transform into garden planters and using them as planter shelves to create a focal wall. Hanging window frames to tree branches adds perspective and a trellis for climbing plants. Mirrors in the garden reflect light and color. Old doors used as arbors or benches give depth and interest points. Hanging used chandeliers from tree branches adds a touch of whimsy for the shabby-chic garden retreat.

But what do you do with broken pots or jars? There are many articles online explaining how to make your own terrariums with pottery jars and even these beautiful examples of using a broken clay flower pot and a few succulent plants. Broken terracotta or clay pots have many creative upcycled uses. You can create micro-gardens, terrariums and "fairy gardens". Its easy for your family to try creating miniature garden art. All that you need is a broken pot, some plants/rocks and your imagination to create an amazing fairy garden. Old aquariums can be easily modified into an indoor greenhouse, micro-garden or terrarium. Even old vases can be transformed into pots and have flowers and herbs grown from them.

All you need is the right inspiration to start making your very own creations. The below link to Instructables has some valuable tips to re-using your clay and terracotta pots in your garden and in your home!

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