Coconut Cream Poke Cake

Coconut is a good ingredient added to pretty much any food that you want, especially if you want something creamy and sweet. It is best for desserts, and there is no doubt that coconut is good for your health. You dont need to be in a tropical country to reap the benefits because coconut is available in your grocery stores and some farmers markets. This recipe that were about to share is going to make you appreciate the many health benefits of coconut. This is called the Coconut Cream Poke Cake.

It's a perfect choice to use for birthday parties and special occasions that you want to celebrate with your family. If you're still looking for a new cake to bake for the holidays, then why not try this one. Children of all ages are bound to love it. Even the ones who are not really coconut lovers won't be able to resist the moist of this cake along with its creaminess.

If this is your first time to bake a cake, dont worry because it is going to be easy. The ingredients are not that hard to find and the process is not complicated at all. You will need the usual things for baking this cake like eggs, oil and water. But since this is a special cake, you will have to find a can of Cream of Coconut, some cake mix, frozen whipped topping and some sweetened flaked coconuts to sprinkle on top of the cake once its done. Some would add condensed milk, but if you think its already sweet enough for your taste, then you can always eliminate that.

May we just remind you that you must look for Cream of Coconut and not settle for coconut milk. The texture and even the taste will be so different if you dont follow this.

To know the entire recipe for the coconut cream poke cake, check out the website The Country Cook below.

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