Colorful Beach Cottage

Tiny houses are more popular than ever before, whether it be a gingerbread cottage, dome house, tiny house on wheels, log cabin, strawbale house, or cobb cottage there's something for everyone. This "Colorful Beach Cottage" might be tiny but it's got more character than houses triple the size.

This tiny beach cottage is located on Florida's St. George Island, and is named "Our Little Secret" by its owners. The tiny beach cottage has a coastal cracker exterior made of a structured insulated paneling system built to withstand hurricane force winds, its cheery interior features headboard walls and ceiling along with bamboo floors. The tiny beach cottage has loft space, this tiny cottage is 325 square feet and sleeps two to four people. The generous outside deck expand the interior living space into the outdoor for the perfect beachside retreat. You'll want to look inside this little beach cottage by the sea. This tiny beach cottage is on wheels so it's technically an RV. You can take it on a road trip or move it to a secure location in case of a hurricane. The tiny house cost about $50,000 that is with everything.

This tiny beach cottage has a nice kitchen that looks spacious, with a stove and oven on propane, along with the hot water. There is a microwave and fridge that are powered by 2 quiet Honda generators. Solar panels power the lights and plugs. The tiny beach cottages a city water hookup. For the black water, they have an RV holding tank that they call a local septic company to pump out roughly every 3 to 4 months for $50. Most of the decorating comes from Ikea, the seating is purposely built to house regular twin mattresses, and offers lots of storage space with large pull out drawers. Upstairs the sleeping loft has a king size mattress. The tiny deck is too cute, offering a wonderful space for two people to sit. The deck is screwed into the home with the support posts resting on the ground (rather than sunk into the ground). The location of this tiny beach cottage is nothing short of idyllic, it is in St. George Island, Florida a walk away to the beach, is also referred to as the Uncommon Florida. It seems that the custom there is to decorate the dune fences with shells from the beach, definitely a beautiful spot. I can't imagine tiny house living in a better location than this.

Tiny houses are growing in popularity with more and more people wanting to do away with big mortgages, bills, overhead, and having so much stuff. Living in a tiny house doesn't allow for any space to ever be wasted. Tiny house living is a great way to save money to do the things you enjoy and are passionate about. A tiny house like this is a great alternative way of living and vacationing. The owners say its simple, small, green, beautiful, and extremely affordable.

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