Convert Your Garbage to Energy

*Garbage truck comes* Wait, don't give out your trash to the garbage collector. “That’s absurd! Why not?! What’s the point? I can’t keep all these garbage around the house! It’s going to stink and I don't want to smell like trash! What am I going to do with it, anyway? There’s no use keeping them! If I do that, then I can call myself a garbage collector!” *silence* you're done now? “Yes.” Great! Because if you are, then it is my turn to talk. You don't have to throw away your trashes. Why? You can turn them into an energy source! You can--- “That’s just silly! How impossible it is to turn a---” I thought you’re done jabbering? Now, you shut up and stop talking ‘trash’ about trashes!

They call it waste-to-energy. Waste-to-energy or energy-from-trash is the “process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the incineration of waste.” It is a form of energy recovery. Well, for your information, energy recovery is a method to reduce the energy input. It is then called a renewable energy. So in other words, energy-from-trash is a renewable energy. Do you still think this is silly? “A little.” A little?! Now that’s silly! Ok, let me tell you the benefits of using waste-to-energy.

The number one and clear advantage of using waste-to-energy is to generate electricity and heat. This could be a great alternative and also a great contribution to help save our Mother Nature. Carbon emission (which depletes the ozone layer) from burning of fossil fuels will be avoided. Using this renewable energy will also lessen the waste going to landfill. If people don't utilize this energy source, the world will become a planet of garbage. And your fear of becoming stinky will most likely to happen.

However, the facilities of this energy source are quite expensive to construct. But if you love our Mother Earth and you have concern for the future generations, you won't think about money. “What should I do now?” Well, start saving to put up your own WtE!

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