Country Rustic Log Bed

Many people have fond thoughts and experiences when it comes to log home living. If you are in a time of your life that you are considering building or buying a home, you should take the time to learn some of the main reasons why people love 'em.

1. History - Log home living has been around since the first tools were available to cut and carve logs. It was a natural progression take fallen logs (and eventually cut down the trees) in order to live in a beautiful home like this.

2. Individuality - There is something unique about each home that is built because of the rough nature and character of the logs that are used. Each log is marked with its own unique spots and there is nothing quite like it out there that is similar on the market.

3. Weather proof - Log Homes are highly resistant to most kinds of weather including extreme heat, extreme cold, and even hurricane (if they are built right). With this in mind you will find that your overall energy bills can be lower because of the natural insulation properties of the logs themselves.

For more great reasons on why to build a log home, check out the link below to the 'Nordanlid Rustik' website.

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